About Us

The Society for the Second Self, Inc.

Transgendered support group for crossdressers including
spouses, partners, family members and friends of TRI-ESS.

Take Off Your Mask and Meet Others…Who Are Just Like Yourself

in Sunny Southern California

Our goal is to achieve a balance between masculine and feminine aspects of our personalities, by integrating cross gender expression into everyday life, while maintaining family, employment and social responsibilities.

The Alpha Chapter is the mother of all Tri-Ess chapters and was founded in order to help the heterosexual crossdresser balance their needs through a support network of others with similar interests. Tri-Ess also serves the spouses and friends of the crossdresser who may be trying to integrate their gender expression into a relationship. We are a very family-oriented organization and believe that spouses should be active members if they so desire. The single person too will find support in the Alpha group. For the Southern California crossdresser, the Alpha Chapter is a great source of support for issues of gender expression.

The Alpha chapter, is the first and oldest support group exclusively for the crossdresser. The group has numerous members plus friends of Tri-Ess who gather once a month in support of transgendered expression. In addition to our monthly meetings, there are outside activities designed to offer compassionate and fulfilling activities for the crossdresser and family. The official newsletter Alpha-Bits is printed once a month. It provides chapter news and guest articles. Click here for information on our next meeting.

Our local chapter officers will be happy to explain more and help make sure that membership in Alpha chapter of Tri-Ess is right for you. We have resources to other groups in the Southern California area should our focus not meet your needs. You don’t have to be a member to visit. Friends of Tri-Ess are always welcomed.

“The Transgendered people, their wives and significant others that you will meet are sensitive, caring, professional souls who will engulf you with kindness as they did me. They will accept you and make you feel like one of them, I mean this because you are.”-My Journey to Alpha by Linda Wade, Alpha-Bits, April 1997.

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